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Sales Machinery

Innovative, international portal for classified ads of machinery and equipment: the worldwide marketplace for used heavy equipment
Transport, Agriculture, Construction, Material Handling, Ground care and utility, Production and processing, Forestry, Aviation, Ships, Camping, Special machinery and Spare Parts.
It took us five years to build the perfect platform for both sides. We created it from the perspective of 15 years of experience to sell and buy online.
From our experience to search specialized channels for quality advertising, the striving to communicate more easily, the need to sell and to have new potential customers, the need to find machines and equipment at good prices, from believing that the suppliers are checked and by many more important necessities for the finalization of a deal we created

Sales Machinery

It is extremely important to present what you are selling in the best way. Also, it is extremely important your advert to be places in the correct category. This is why we have created subcategories in each and every one main category, as well as extremely accurate and correctly structured specifications.

With more than 800 subcategories, we know that we have built part of our strategy to reach the right customers.

Why would you choose us?

  • Because we have a database, up to date proposals and we do not stop investing in this;  
  • Because we analyze markets, conduct research on demand and supply needs and have excellent marketing strategies;  
  • Because our ads are targeted in the right countries – where your equipment is needed; 
  • Because we have been working for more than 15 years in machinery and equipment trading and we know what you need;  
  • Because we facilitate the process of buying and selling with an easy to use platform;  
  • Because we provide you with a channel for exchanging information to conduct fast communication;  
  • Because satisfied customers are our priority and we are ready to satisfy the most demanding of you;
  • Because we support you and we know what you need  

Why did we create Sales Machinery?

We have been in the situation of user in similar marketplace for many times. Many times, unfortunately we were disappointed because we lacked important details. We thought what is to be at your place and considered your needs. That’s why we believe we were able to build a better platform publishing and searching for listings.

We've lived a lot of stories similar to yours. We've asked ourselves questions that excite you. We have had the same needs and aspirations, so we know how you feel.

- When you are looking for equipment, you are certainly asking yourself:

  • Where to find used equipment at a good price?
  • Where can I find a reliable supplier?
  • How do I pay someone I don't know?
  • What is the real condition of the machine?
  • Is the information about the moto hours or kilometers correct?
  • What happens if the machine arrives and has a technical damage that I don't know about?
  • How to arrange transport?

When you sell equipment, you have other questions:

  • Where in the world my equipment is needed?
  • What are the partnerships that would contribute to my promotion at the international level? 
  • What is the way to sell more to new customers?
  • Should I trust a channel that specializes in advertising or rely on myself?
  • What is the advantage of this marketplace?

Our initial idea was to create something that would work well for both sides. Working with our platform is easy, it is fast and you are always online when someone wants to send you an enquiry. We all know that our daily lives are busy schedules and that you should always be online if you want to have customers. And if you have something to sell, but no one knows about it, you won't be successful. We've lived a lot of stories similar to yours. We've asked ourselves questions that excite you. We have had the same needs and aspirations, so we know how you feel.


Dealer features

  • Providing targeted visitors
  • Create and manage a profile- assistance
  • Posting Ads by our administrator
See all the features as a dealer


Buyer features

  • Ads added daily
  • Up to 3 listings posted free of charge
  • Convenient search engines and detailed characteristics
See all the features as a buyer

Contact us online

If you need assistance, feel free to contact us. We are always available if you have questions or difficulties

Personal Administrator to support you

Personal approach to the needs of each customer to contact us. You can count on us for help and support. Our strength is in our personal relationships and in our ability to communicate

Measurement systems

You can choose between two systems - metric and imperial. Because we know that there is nothing better than that, to feel comfortable when you work

Messaging system

We all are using the messages for communication even more than often lately. Use our Channel to send inquiries, get photos or documents. It's easy when you're online

A variety of currencies

We are built 32 of the most popular currencies around the world. This gives you the ability to easily convert amounts


With more than 12 languages, it is easy to navigate. Don’t worry if you don’t speak another language. The language barrier will no longer bother you

Easy-to-find filters

Use specialized search engines, to find the information you need. Refine by: budget, model, make, year, location, manufacturer, etc.

Image quality

The photo is crucial for the buyer to see what you have to offer. So we chose the high resolution quality

Values in Sales Machinery

We are all people who are gathered and motivated to follow the principles and values in which we believe. They are the leading in our mission to be humans first

Do you need to contact us?

If there's anything you want to discuss, we're here for you. We will respond as soon as possible to all your questions. You can do it after clicking the link:

Contact us

Looking forward…

We are always set up to think and upgrade our platform. We are built in a way that motivates us to think of better functionalities that are practical for our customers. We are happy to hear that you are pleased with our service. We learn a lesson if there is something that is not going well. Because you are our teachers.
If you have any suggestions, for more rational solutions we will be pleased to share your opinion. We appreciate your time and will be extremely grateful if you advise us on how to be better at our work.