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Wonderful Story of Growth within 170 years Case IH is a brand of agricultural equipment

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Jerome Raise Case is named the original company creator–Racine Threshing Machine Works. The plant in Wisconsin was set up in 1842. The McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, five years later, was born into a man named Cyrus McCormick. This grew into the 1902 Harvester International. The two companies were able to grow significantly in the next couple of decades. Case would create a system dividing the grain and the hay. McCormick enhanced the design of the reaper.

The Early Years


In 1869 Case introduced a new innovation when he launched his company's steam engine tractor for a few years. It was not self-contained, though, and was just an electricity source for the remainder of the field equipment.


A few years later the cataclysm struck McCormick's factory during the Great Fire. The tragedy hit the ground. Event came into contact and agreed to cooperate. The firm also built its first self-propelled tractor five years later; but it still relied on horses–a horseshoe had to power the engine.

A huge step forward was Case’s first ever tractor equipped with a gasoline engine introduced in 1892, but the market proved to be hard to accept the idea of such a machine that was not steam-powered. The gasoline-powered tractor entered the market 19 years later.


The Future-Shaping Models


International Harvester launched a giant tractor in 1910, called the Case Titan, which paved the way for the manufacturing of massive tractors.


The Case Farmall was launched in 1923 and is a cleverly designed small tractor with numerous devices for farming, growing and plowing. 20 years later, the new feature of its product line was the distinctive red hue launched by International Harvester. In 1939, the company rebuilt Case Farmall and the second generation of the machine was available for purchase, in three different dimensions.

The first cotton picker was seen and now stored in 1943, today at the Smithsonian Museum. The institution is also in use. Nearly 15 years later, a tractor with much more strength than traditional equipment was introduced by the Steiger family and started producing in 1963.


The Case Axial Flow Combine was a groundbreaking design that enhanced nearly any component of a mixture. At the beginning of the 1980s, the four-wheel drive and the articulated tractors were made. When these new models were built, the engineers decided to place the driver's seat behind the computer. The model range included the 4994 model featuring a 400-horespower V8 engine equipped with a turbocharger.


The Merge


Case IH was officially founded after Case and International Harvester merged into the second biggest agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world. Steiger becomes part of the company in 1987, and soon the first tractor model developed entirely after Case and International Harvester joined forces was unveiled–the Case Magnum. In 1989, the Case Maxxus was added to the product portfolio–it was a powerful, yet economical machine which had unmatched serviceability and agility.

In 1992, Case IH marked 150 years of positive growth. In subsequent years, the system known as Advanced Farming Systems (AFS was launched in 1995 as a service) was introduced and sprayers were added in subsequent years. Also in 1995 a major breakthrough was launched was the Case Austoft Sugar Cane harvester. It allowed the cane harvesting process to be much more effective and was a successful product produced by Case IH.

In 1996, the Case Quadtrac with its powerful 360-hour engine was launched. The tractor has 4 tracks instead of tires, which is why the name comes from it. The unit thus achieved far more popularity than other versions of the tractor. In 1998, Business Week, which was the greatest contribution for the 10th anniversary of Case IH, called the Case MX Series "Magnum."

The New Technology

The Case IH agricultural machines are designed to deliver efficient power and agronomic benefits for higher yields and lower costs. Professional farmers around the world rely on this brand.
The Case IH brand and its iconic red color embody a tradition of leadership in agricultural equipment. Reliability and quality are at the heart of the entire line of machines, from tractors to combines and attachments. The brand has over 170 years of experience in the industry, including the legacies of Case, International Harvester and David Brown.
Case IH built that legacy and today the company is recognized as a global leader in powerful, reliable and highly efficient equipment that helps professional farmers face the challenges of modern agriculture.


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