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The history of DAF and Iveco - reliable trucks from the north and south

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In the first few days, DAF installed gasoline and diesel engines from Hercules and Perkins, but in 1957 the Eindhoven company designed and produced the first
DAF engines. DAF upgraded the DD575 diesel engine with a turbocharger, which was another breakthrough achievement.
DAF was the first manufacturer to introduce turbo charge air cooling. The technology was initially developed to meet the demand for higher engine performance and lower fuel consumption, but it also proved to be indispensable for realizing cleaner exhaust emissions.
DAF launched ATi, Advanced Turbo Intercooling, which, through further refinement of injection technology and improved efficiency, made it possible to further increase performance and efficiency.
In 1974 Fiat became the majority shareholder in Magirus Deutz, a German manufacturer of buses, trucks and fire fighting equipment. The following year was the birth of IVECO, when Fiat Veicoli Industriali merged its own and acquired brands under a single entity and took its name from the initials of the Industrial Vehicles Corporation he founded. In 1978, the IVECO Daily, the first light commercial vehicle to be produced under the IVECO name, was launched, while two years later the first turbo diesel engine for heavy commercial vehicles was launched.
Today IVECO is the leading European manufacturer of natural gas vehicles. After the market launch of the first natural gas-powered trucks and buses in 1996, the company has produced around 35,000 natural gas-powered vehicles to date. Depending on the order, natural gas solutions use both CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG technology (liquefied natural gas) and are available across the entire Iveco range.
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