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History of the largest Market Sale for MASSEY FERGUSON

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The story of Massey Ferguson begun in Ontario in a lowly machine! In 1847, Daniel Massey agreed to start farm works production. He was successful, and the company grew rapidly. A major innovation was the hybrid side rake mower. For the 1868 Paris Industrial Exhibition, Massey concentrated on mining equipment and the high quality he gave.

The Rise


In 1891 the Massey-Harris limitite was born, together with the other major Canadian maker of farm equipment. Continued development led to a new design, which in 1926 was unveiled as a three-point hook. It stays on the market today in the production of every tractor. The first tractor of Massey-Harris was launched four years later. It was designed and built by the engineers of Massey-Harris, its first autonomous construction department in 1938.

After WWII, the company provided massive support to its administration and used tanks, bomb fighter wings, gun armor and ambulance and troop-carrier body shells throughout the years. At the end of the war, the company opened a new plant in Coventry, England, which was then the world's largest factory of tractors.

The Most Important Merge


Massey-Harris merged with Ferguson in 1953 and the new firm was rebranded five years later as Massey-Ferguson.


Among the significant acquisitions by Massey-Ferguson, both of which took place in 1959, were Perkins and Landini. Nearly 30 years later, Perkins was sold to Caterpillar.


In 1969 the company launched a four-wheel drive tractor, one of the first in the world to have a V8 engine.

In the late 70's, the first compact tractor from Massey-Ferguson was introduced and around the same time the three-point hitch became mechanical. The corporation has meanwhile acquired the Eicher tractor company–a German small tractor maker. In 1973 the agreement was screened. The next year saw the purchase of Hanomag as an error, with the loss of a quarter of one billion dollars by Massey Ferguson in only five years. They lost Hanomag, finally.


The company's self-powered production unit is listed by the Equipment Manufacturers Association as one of the 100 leading contributors to the field of mechanized agriculture.


The Technological Advantage


Their technical advantage was important for the company, when Datatronic Massey and Massey Autotronic Systems were introduced in 1987. Massey-Ferguson also gave them to improve tractor power. Five years later, all the company produced systems were equipped with a GPS tracking, which essentially marked out the yield during pick.


Four years later, the company took the CVT technology (Continuously Variable Transmission) and named the new Massey Dyna-6 transmission. The predecessor, Massey Dyna CT, is in development and is one of the world's most developed.

Initiated in 1997, the rotary combination was a sign of reliability and high performance. The financial ups and downs Massey Ferguson encountered in the 1980s and the 1990s were not influenced by the equipment growth and progress. In reality, some of the most successful models were introduced in the middle of the 90's, such as the Massey-Ferguson 6100 and 8100 series.


Hesston and Massey Ferguson decided to partner, culminating in the brand new Hay line in 2006 for their combined efforts. Just four years later the draper header was shown, which was the first of its kind, with a lightweight cutter handle. A compact cutter bar is developed, which has shown ideal for cutting small grains. RB silage baler and the DynaFlex Massey-Ferguson 9250 combines. Also a successful market was the Massey Ferguson WR9900. Another significant breakthrough is the latest Massey RazorEdge mower conditioner series.


Massey Ferguson is proud that it makes more tractors than any other company worldwide. The company has a great deal to offer today. The range of products covers tractors of all sizes, as well as variations, wind turbines, drape and disc heads, tamers, cows, rakes, planters, chargers and many other forms of farming equipment.


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