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Sell your new or used equipment and machinery

As a registered user of, an International Marketplace for heavy equipment and machinery, you get access to an amazing set of custom-made instruments just for you!
Reach buyers from everywhere in the world with Sales Machinery, our amazing marketplace supported by international marketing.

Dealer Services

Do you ever wonder...

Where are the real buyers?

How can I fill my sales pipeline with consistent leads?

How do I create regular sales?

Is there a great market that can serve my needs?

Is there a way to find great customers?

How can I find a great market for my equipment?

Where to find customers?

Is there a place to advertise my heavy machinery inventory?

Why Choose


Multy language platform

Sales Machinery supports multiple language options for all of your ads. Using your profile you can set the default language, metrics, currency, and more, and advertise both locally and remotely in any language you prefer.


Curencies and Metrics

We support 32 different currency options from around the world, from a variety of countries. This can also be set by default in your profile, and makes it simple and easy to calculate your prices, regardless of your location.


Videos to your ads

Use eye-catching video ads to get your buyer’s attention quick and easy. You can upload videos directly from your smartphone or tablet, and display them right on your ads with only a few simple steps.


Dealer or factory warranty

Customers always want to know if there’s a warranty on your equipment or parts, either from the dealer or from the factory. To aid with that, we have a tool to notify everyone that views your ad of the warranty using a sign on the ad


High quality pictures

It isn’t enough to just have low-resolution pictures of your inventory. Customers want to see the details, and that’s why we allow you to upload up to 15 high-quality pictures. Customers can zoom in and a good look at the equipment you are selling. Research shows that customers find this feature really useful


Publish similar ad

Have a lot of ads to publish, but don’t want to make each one individually? We have a tool for that! Our platform easily allows you to copy or publish similar ads, as well as easy access to promotion, view, edit, delete, and activating or deactivating the ad


Easy to use filter.

Our search engine has several easy-to-use filters for your convenience. You can select the industry, category, subcategory, and refine your searches down to the smallest detail

Subscription plans options

All of our clients are important to us, and we understand that each of you have different needs. We have 4 base plans for you to choose from, as well as an option for an individualized plan if you can’t find what you’re looking for by default.


  • Up to 15 high resolution pictures
  • Videos to your ads
  • Chat System
  • 60 available credits / 12 months period
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  • Up to 15 high resolution pictures
  • Videos to your ads
  • Chat System
  • 120 available credits / 12 months period
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  • Up to 15 high resolution pictures
  • Videos to your ads
  • Chat System
  • 180 available credits / 12 months period
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  • Up to 15 high resolution pictures
  • Videos to your ads
  • Chat System
  • 240 available credits / 12 months period
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Can’t find a plan that suits your needs? Contact us here and we can help you out!

Turn your SM account into a sales pipeline!


Online Chat System

Connect with customers from around the world with our online chat system! Keeping your lines of communication open will help you build trust and fuel better sells over time.


Fast & Convenient

Ad maintenance is easier than ever before with our Perfect Dashboard. It’s one of the best dashboards ever created in the Heavy Machinery Industry.


Mobile optimized

In this modern era Mobile Optimization is more important than ever before. Rest assured that your ads will display well even on phones and tablets.


XML Import

We have an automatic import feature to help you save time! Simply provide us with an XML file of your website or inventory and we will automatically update your ads into Sales-Machinery


Optimized Ads

We are dedicated in advertising your equipment like it’s our own. We advertise your ads in local marketplaces, as well as in marketplaces that your machine fits best in. We believe in working together to do the best we can.



With more than 15 years of experience in selling equipment and specialized machinery, we will do our best to support your business. Our expert team will help support you, not as a client, but as a partner, and help you achieve higher sales volumes.

Reach thousands of potential buyers through

List your ads on and reach more potential customers on the world’s most popular marketplace.

Use our promotion options to highlight your ads in the search results and really pop to your customers.

Your ads are published all over the world, in many different languages, when you use Contact us for information about our banner advertisements as well! Have your banner on any page you want!

Dealer’s Advertisement page

Take advantage of the opportunity to post your own advertisements, banners, business hours, promotions and even your inventory. Your clients can search into your page, see your ratings, leave comments and more! You can add videos, photos, and more details as needed to really catch their attention.


Online Chat system

At Sales-Machinery, we know that time is money. We have developed the perfect communication system between our registered users here for that reason.

You can send messages and respond immediately, with no delay. Clients are notified when you are online/offline, and there’s no fear of missing a deal due to the dreaded spam filter. If you’re not online, we can even notify you by email when someone sends a request for more information!

Our chat system has a plethora of advantages, you can see which ad the client is writing about, the buyer’s details, and even get a full chat history from the potential client. You can send pictures, files, and documents as well, giving you multiple options to really show them what you got.


Sales Machinery is well organized for dealer use

Here you can:
  • Contact any registered user that viewed your ads
  • See vital statistics on your ads, such as click rates for your phone number, view/open rates, favorites and more!
  • The dealer advertising page allows you to follow visitor numbers and contact them, as well as see people who added you as a favorite.

Turn your SM account into a sales pipeline!

By using, you can reach more customers for your equipement. We provide you with all sorts of advertising possibilities, from banner ads and highlighted search results to targeted ads based on industry, category, or machine type. Check out our Advertise in Sales Machinery page for more information.

Company logo

Premium ads

Promote your ads and highlight them at the top of the search results using our premium ads feature.

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Top ads

Send your ads straight to the top of the search results with our top ads feature.

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Banner Ads

Place your name in front of thousands of potential buyers worldwide with our banner ads.

Individualized Machine Characteristics

We’re specialized in the sale of heavy machinery, equipment, and trucks, unlike most regular advertising sites.

Each ad can be categorized and tagged according to typ of the machine, both when posting the ad as well as viewing.

We provide targeted advertising for each machine, placing it in front of thousands of potential buyers.

Tank Capacity (L) 14000
Box Capacity m3 6 m3
Cabin Type XL
Cabin Type Topline
Operating Weight 22000 (kg)

Personalized Account Managers

Our company depends on strong communication between us

We have experienced administrators who know the markets of the twelve main heavy industries, and know where and when to advertise. Each country has its own unique preferences as well, and we know exactly how to position your equipment so that it shines.

Constant Updates

Sales Machinery’s marketplace is already an amazing thing, but we’re still working on it!
Our team works tirelessly to provide constant updates, adding new functions, fixing bugs and adding new easy-of-use features to make the platform better for both buyers and sellers.
In our new category we’re about to open, for example, we believe it will help you find even more customers. We can’t wait to show you all that we have in store for Sales Machinery!


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