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Why Buy Equipment Through

Join to enter the best marketplace for 12 of the biggest heavy equipment industries, including Transport, Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Material Handling, Grounds care and utility, Production and processing, Ship, Aviation, Camping, Special Machinery and spare parts, over 800 different types of heavy equipment categories are available, sorted by type and presented by 5000 of the top manufacturers from around the world! Purchase the equipment you need from top sellers from all over the world with your FREE individual account.

Buyer Services


Creating an account with us is completely FREE. You can publish up to 3 free ads for the equipment you need, and we’re a multilingual website with over 12 languages to select for your convenience


Save time

Save time and money by reading personal reviews on listings for everywhere in the world. No need to leave the comphort of your home or favourite office spot.


Near me

Our state-of-the-art search engine can locate heavy industry companies around the world, finding you the closest distributors for your needs.

Why Choose Sales Machinery?

It’s really easy to use for anyone

We can help make buying the machine you need a special moment for you

We never stop looking for the solutions to your problems

All machines are given visual icons to avoid language issues between sellers and buyers

We have the most recent and up-to-date listings on everything you could need

We have the option to connect you with users who work in similar industries

And we know we can support your needs


Our one-of-a-kind Searching Engine is extremely easy to operate

Anyone can use our platform to find a machine / equipment / vehicle / or spare part on the international marketplace. Each industry is visualized with a distinct image icon, as well as each machine category and even machine type. You will find it easy to find what you need with us!

Individual machine characteristics

We have a wide variety of listings from many different sellers, all competing to show you what they have to offer.

We keep the important info right in front, allowing you to see at a glance the details of the machine you’re looking at, before you even click on the listing.

Each machine type has its own listing format, making sure that the important info is right there for you to see.

Filter Element
Filter Element
Filter Element

Refine your search!

You can conveniently filter your searches by model, brand, production year, and more!

Precisely limit your search based on your budget, weight requirements, make and model, manufacturer, year-of-manufacture, and even location to easily find what you’re looking for!

Sales Machinery lets you tailor your search to the smallest detail for everything you’re looking for.

Sales Machinery helps you find the perfect match for your required equipment!


Multilingual platform

On our multilingual platform you can set the default language, metrics, and even currency so you will have no trouble browsing. These settings will then be used as the default for future searches.


Currencies and Metrics

We offer 32 different currency options corresponding to your country. These can also be set by default for your account, and you can even choose between metric or imperial for your measuring needs.


Video ads

Sellers can upload full video files, so you can see and even hear how a machine runs before you buy it!


Online Chat System

Reach out to sellers around the world instantly with our state-of-the-art chat system! We notify sellers you are writing to even when they’re offline, so you can always get a quick response.


Fast search

Your time is valuable, and you need a user-friendly platform for your searches, so we created the best search engine to work for you. Check out our advanced filters so you can find what you’re looking for quick and easy.


Machine Inspection offers services to perform a full audit of the buyer's equipment worldwide by authorized services.


Perfect visualization

We know that it’s important for you to see what you’re getting, so each seller can publish up to 15 high resolution pictures of his inventory. This way you can get excellent visuals for each category and type of machine you need.


Save your favorites

As a registered user of Sales Machinery, you can save your favorite listings and dealer’s pages, making it easy to return at a later time for more details. Access this feature on your account’s admin panel, quick and easy.



Sales Machinery does not receive commission from our deals. Our top priority is customer's satisfaction, so if you have any trouble using our platform, please let us know right away.

Find the lowest price online!

Price is important, and you always want to get the best deal you can on your purchases. We at sales Machinery know that, and believe that our platform allows you to compare numerous listings from around the world to meet your budget requirements.

With new listings being made daily we know that you can find the lowest price possible each time you use Sales Machinery for a new search. Sometimes, we even get listings directly from the suppliers and manufacturers. Both new and used machines and equipment are easy-to-find, and you can compare prices on major brands throughout the world with ease.


Sales machinery was created, after much research, to be the best, most convenient platform to use for both buyers and sellers. Our innovative platform works for everyone!

You can enjoy browsing across a variety of devices. From a home computer to laptops, or even tablets and smartphones, we can promise perfect display on any screen you use.


Coming soon

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future as well! From new sections and categories to improved filters and options, our goal at Sales Machinery is to become the best marketplace for heavy machinery and equipment.
We will continue to improve your platform to make it more convenient and easy-to-use for you.
With the help of top professionals, we will make our platform the best one you’ve ever seen.

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